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Writing compelling content for your technology business that powerfully attracts the customers you want.

I'm a technology writer and content strategist with an engineering background.

I understand tech and your industry, be it Water and Wastewater, Energy, Construction, Cleantech, and more.

I can help you elevate your brand to grow your business... let's chat!

9 Reasons to Work With Me...

Two curious deer

You’ll have more time to focus your unique skills on growing your business.

Why struggle with the nuances of technology writing and editing when you have more important things to do? Leverage my skillset to compound your efforts and results.


Being too close to your products and services can hurt your content writing.

You may write over your readers’ heads, employ too much jargon, or underplay a feature or benefit your readers would love to know more about. I can help you overcome such tendencies, tease out essential considerations, and ensure the message lands for your audience.


Your content will be relevant and persuasive.

I’ll ensure your value proposition addresses your readers’ pain points with clear, concise, easy-to-digest copy and compelling calls to action.


You’ll enjoy superior results.

You rely on a lawyer for your legal issues and a plumber to repair plumbing issues. Lean on me as your professional technology writer to deliver the results you seek from your marketing and educational content.


Two heads are better than one.

I can often provide constructive insights, ideas, and advice to articulate the value you offer to address your prospects’ needs and wants.


Whichever copywriting format works best, you’ll be covered.

I’ll work with you to choose and implement the most effective copy format to address your prospects’ needs where they’re at in your sales funnel.


Develop and maintain a consistent corporate voice, brand, and authority.

I’ll capture and authentically convey your message, branding, voice, and belief that your mission makes the world a better place. Expect your target audience to take notice!


Maintain and burnish your company’s reputation.

That’s what my well-crafted and relevant content can help you achieve.


Produce just the content you need when you need it.

Contracting me to assist or replace an in-house copywriter can save you money and hassle. My copywriting-as-a-service, as and when you need it, is convenient and straightforward.

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