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Writing compelling content for your technology business that powerfully attracts the customers you want.

I'm a technology writer and content strategist with an engineering background.

I understand tech and your industry, be it Water and Wastewater, Energy, Construction, Cleantech, and more.

I'm a problem-solver who can help you elevate your brand to grow your business... let's chat!

Hola! I'm Jim Mahannah.

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I've been a full-time freelance copywriter and content strategist for technology companies since 2016. However, for years before I transitioned to technology writing, I helped design, market, and sell fascinating products and services for technology companies, including:


  • An electrical utility, where I worked in substation design and purchased transmission substation equipment

  • A multi-national electrical equipment manufacturer supplying power utilities with generation and distribution components

  • Process equipment manufacturing firms that supplied equipment to clean municipal and industrial wastewater and transform waste into energy and vital nutrients for beneficial reuse

  • An engineering consultant providing HVAC design services to industrial clients. 


I also spent thirteen years in construction as an estimator, project manager, and business owner of a fabrication facility supplying structural wood products to residential and commercial projects.

​As an engineer, I get tech. My engineering background supports my understanding of the processes and thinking that go into developing and deploying innovative technologies. Certainly, technology writing remains a challenging and meaningful endeavor that draws on all my qualities, experience, and interests.

Personally, my greatest accomplishment remains the great family my wife, Shelly, and I enjoy with our three adult children. I'm also a long-time motorcycle enthusiast and newly minted pickleball player who is discovering muscles I didn't know I had!

My Process

I strive to make my technology writing process for you as simple and fool-proof as possible.
You'll find it easy to work with me. I trust you'll be the same.

Starting with a conversation
Starts with a conversation


What project do you have in mind?

What are your objectives?

Who is your target audience?

What is your timeline to complete?

What is your budget?

Firm price quote


From our conversation, I will issue you a firm price quote outlining the work scope, responsibilities, suggested schedule to complete, payment terms, price, and

other details.



The project kicks off upon payment of the deposit invoice (the need for a deposit may be waived). Payment is a simple online process by electronic funds transfer or credit card.

A note about budgets...


​Plan to discuss your budget early on. Why? Knowing your budget enables me to recommend the best way to reach your objectives. Plus it saves your time and mine if financial expectations don't align.

I'll work hard to ensure you're satisfied with the results.

I may request a testimonial from you I hope you'll oblige.

Linda Zupon, Marketing Manager, USA & Caribbean, Fluence Corporation

"Jim is an engaged, meticulous writer who provides a polished product immediately available for publication. He articulates technical information in a way that is accessible... Jim’s process is fastidious in providing a detailed scope of work and maintaining excellent communication regarding goals, process and deadlines. He is a pleasure to work with."

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